5 Things You Must Know or Do Before Your Job Interview

OutfitAlright, I am going to give you 5 of the most important things you need to know BEFORE you go to your job interview.  You can get all kind of information on the internet, but information overload is a killer.  Before you go to your job interview there are a few things you must be prepared for or you may be better staying home. These are my 5 favorites, as a cosmetic dentist, not necessarily what you would read in some standarized article.


  1. EVERYTHING about the position you are applying for.  In other words, be prepared to answer questions about your duties as a dental assistant.  Now, to impress the dentist, always drop some other talents you have into the mix when given the opportunity.  I really like to hear assistants tell me they are well versed in marketing (both traditional and web 2.0).
  2. The name of the dentist, the practice, and what they stands for.  Every dentist likes to be known for something.  I, for instance, am a cosmetic and natural dentist.  Research the practice and the dentists, find something to connect with them about – a common interest between the two of you!  People hire people they like and relate to!
  3. You must be in a fantastic mood, dressed to kill.  Yes, looks matter, I am sorry.  If you are going to represent the practice, then the better you present yourself, the better you present the office.  It is a no brainer.  If I see you walking into my office looking like you were fishing all day, then rest assured, you wil not fit into my office philosophy.  Polish the shoes, dry clean the outfit, get the hair done professionally, get a manicure/pedicure…you get the point.  This is your chance to shine!
  4. Bring something unique with you…This I will leave up to your personal creativity.  If you did some modeling, bring your portfolio.  Bring some flowers for the office, or a thank you card.  Bring a very nicely bound resume, with a killer cover letter – make it look different This is something new, it will allow you to stand out from all the other interviews.  Just make sure it fits the caliber of the office you are interviewing with…in other words, don’t bring donuts to a top of the line cosmetic practice (yes, we like donuts and would love some once you work here, but for an interview…no).
  5. Practice.  Yes, find a friend to practice with.  Practice answering the questions you know you will get with confidence, looking straight into the Dr.’s eyes.  Sit straight up and slightly forward, don’t fidget.  You need to radiate confidence!  If you want to see an example, wait till the local TV channel or advertising firm sends in their representative to meet with the Dr…..you know what I mean.  Once you feel comfortable answering just about any question that could be thrown at you, go for it.  Remember, don’t talk too much…listen and lead the conversation to “yes” answers.

These are 5 out of many, but they are important.  Enjoy! 


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