Make More Money as a Dental Assistant

Stay tuned for exciting information that will lead you to gain a higher salary, better benefits, and a work environment that most dental assistants dream of!  Yes, I am a successful cosmetic dentist that will quickly teach you how to achieve these goals. 

This information is critical for anyone that is sick and tired of not making enough money, not enjoying their “job”, and wants to

become that dental assistant that every dentist wants!


Here is a quick sneak peek at what you can expect to learn soon:

  • How to get an extra $4000 per year without changing anything you do
  • How to work for any office YOU chose
  • How to get more respect – never again be the one on the bottom of the feeding chain
  • What are the TOP dentist in the USA looking for in a dental assistant?
  • How to guarantee a call-back when you send in your resume?
  • and much much more!


Dr. Christian W. Hahn, an accredited (through the cosmetic dentist is helping dental assistants reach their full potential, showing them how to get a career in dentistry, not just a job.  Please help us deliver the content that you are looking for by sending us your thought and comments below.  You can visit Dr. Hahns personal website at and read more about him there. 

Please help us provide you with the information you desire to succeed.  Leave us a comment with suggestions on what you want to know – Let me know if you are interested in getting paid more.

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