Dental Assistant Jobs in This Economy?

Hello Dental Assistants!
It has been a while, but I could not resist. With all the change in the economy I felt I needed to give a short update to all the Dental Assistants out there that check this site for reference and help.

Everything we discussed in this blog and the manual has become dramatically more important.


I purchased a second dental practice last year and have spent a good 6 months looking for “good” staff. I have yet to find someone in any position for that office that has read the successful dental assisting manual, so it has been a challenge. I also had to let several staff members go! Tough in this economy…you NEED TO STAND OUT as jobs are scarce and performance is required.

The dental profession has recently been ranked as the #1 stable job in this economy! Wohoo. Well, that is good news but to work for a dental office you need to go the extra mile.

Recommendation: IF you want a job in a dental office right now, your absolute best ace is to market yourself as a social media and marketing wizard. Yes, facebook has become very very important. Social media is the key.

I will occasionally post here, and, a hint: The Successful Dental Assisting Manual will receive an update soon. Everyone who invests in this essential tool will get the updated version at no charge when it comes out! Just send an email to chahn [at] hahnunlimited [dot]com and I will send you the new version when it comes out!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

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