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Jobs for Dental Assistants are hard to find right now, just like in all other professions. You can’t just send in your resume and hope for a call-back, or show up unprepared for an interview. If you find a job opening then you must know what it takes to snag that job!

I was offering a dental assistant job myself last year and was surprised at how many resumes I received. A simple Craigs List advertisement resulted in dozens of dental assistants calling me, emailing me and sending me resumes. How did I decide which dental assistant to hire?

The vast majority of dental assistants that contacted my office obviously did not read the “highest paid dental assistant manual”. It was apparent within the first 20 seconds that these assistants would not fit into my practice. Here are just a few mistakes these assistants made with my dental office:

1. Resumes were photocopies without any personal touch

2. Some dental assistants showed up to interview for my cosmetic dental practice wearing animal print scrubs

3. Some dental assistants never stopped telling me during the interview “all about themselves”

4. Some dental assistants immediately talked about salary

5. Some dental assistants questioned their own experience in front of me

6. Some dental assistants did not smile or had horrible teeth! This is a “smile” profession, you must smile!

There are many more ways to blow a resume delivery or interview, and I saw them all! So many dental assistants looking for a job yet so few know how to actually get a job!

In this tough environment you can not risk mediocrity. You must stand out! That is why I started this blog in the first place. I hope this helps in your job or salary hunt!

Keep smiling,

Christian Hahn

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