Dental Assistant Salary FAQ

This is one of my dental assistants – her name is Dawn.

Dawn has been a dental assistant for many years, and she has worked with me for about 5 so far. Dawn is a EDDA and pretty much can do everything I need her to do at a premium level. She is essentially what every dentist needs, and my other right hand.

This type of experience comes for a price, of course. Dawn is a highly paid dental assistant, and she is worth every penny.

I invested in Dawn because the office needs her. She has beautiful veneers that I gave to her. This allows her to discuss treatment with patients much better.

I recently (1 year ago) hired another assistant, Carissa, who is showing great promise. I hired Carissa not because she has a lot of experience, but because she impressed me in the first few seconds of her interview.

Daily I get questions about “salary” and “how to get a raise”, which are valid questions, but more importantly, dental assistants need to understand that there is a method to getting a raise. It is not a quick solution but rather an approach. You need to understand what dentists are looking for, and you need to “deserve” a raise. Nobody should ever expect to get a raise because they have been around for a while.

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The Highest Paid Dental Assistant Manual is designed to give you a solid background which is essential to succeed at dental assisting. Once you have read and implemented the steps in the manual you are ready to begin your journey towards a career in dental assisting rather than just a job!

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