Dental Assistant Salary – Go The Extra Mile

So you are an exceptional dental assistant with lots of experience. You like your job, you like your office, but you feel you have reached a plateau – a salary plateau.

How much more can a dental assistant make?

Well, a dental assistant that is good at assisting is very important, but I have always paid more for dental assistants that were cross trained at the front office and most importantly, for good “closers”.

What is a  good closer? Simple, a person that is able to get the patient to accept treatment without being pushy. This skill is essential in any successful dental office, and I have a dental assistant that can close any case. She began as a regular dental assistant over 5 years ago and now closes just about any case she touches, helps with the office marketing, and assists. And yes, she has a very good salary.

To become a good closer you need to be comfortable with money. You need to be able to look a person in the eye and tell them the treatment will cost 35 thousand dollars without looking uncomfortable….that is not very easy. Not everyone can talk money, and very few people like it. A dental office will bend over backwards for a good closer, so if you think you have this skill, practice it!

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