Dental Assistant Salary – I want a raise!

Dental assistants salary depends on many things.  Don’t get frustrated if you are not getting a raise, get proactive!  Did you ever hear the phrase, the squeaky wheel gets the oil?  Well, that works, to a certain extend, as well for getting a raise.  Here are a few pointers to help you make more money as a dental assistant and loose that frustration:

  1. Are you a dental assistant that you would hire?  Are you wanting a raise or deserving a raise?
  2. Don’t let the frustration build.  Talk to you dentist, ask them if you are performing well and what you could do to improve.  Then do it!
  3. A raise is not automatic.  You do not get paid more for working somewhere.  You get a raise for being a better employee, an asset to the business.  Don’t expect a raise, earn it.
  4. Dental assistants salaries range widely geographically.  There are limits to what a dentist will pay a dental assistant.  Maybe it is time to consider discussing a bonus system for the office instead.

Timing is critical.  If the office is not performing well then don’t even think about asking for a raise.  Raises are given when money is being made, not lost!  The more money you help put into your dentists pockets the more likely you will receive a raise.

Zig Ziggler once said that getting things in life, whatever it is you want, is simple.  All you have to do is help people get what they want.  The more you help others get what they want, the more you will get yourself.  Make sense?

Happy Assisting!

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