Dental Assistant Salary

Dental Assistant SalaryHow much does a dental assistant make? That seems to be the most frequent question I get. Well, your salary as a new dental assistant will vary widely where you work, but if you have been a dental assistant for a while and you are asking this question then I know you are not making as much as you would like!

Your salary is only one part of how much you make. In a good office there will be a team bonus system that rewards teamwork. A win-win system.  If the office is doing well then everyone will benefit.

Teammates start asking about salary when the work environment becomes tough, mundane or just plain hostile. “I don’t get paid enough to put up with this!” kinda attitude.

The SUCCESSFUL DENTAL ASSISTING manual I wrote focuses not only on how you can make more money, but how you can find an office to work with that appreciates you and rewards the entire team. Life is too short to “put up” with anything, that is at least how I feel about it.

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