Dental Assisting 101

Every dentist has his pet peeves.  Here are a few of mine:

1. Facebook: Yes, I have a facebook account, but you do not need to check your status every hour. How much time is wasted on facebook each day? Also, don’t post things about your practice online…you never know who your friends are connected to, and it does not look good if you complain about your hard day.

2. Dirt:I know it is my office, not yours, but I see the dirt just as much as you do, and if I need to pick up that hair on the floor or clean the dirty mirror then it makes you, the assistant look bad. Too many of these incidents and asta la vista assistant.

3. Priorities:Life is full of decisions. You need to now what is important and what is urgent. Don’t have the new patient wait in the reception room while you load all the old instruments into the sterilizer. That can wait. We have plenty of instruments and a statim. The new patient experience is critical!  Get your priorities straight.

Happy assisting!

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