Dental Assisting Tip #1 – Be One Step Ahead

Which are you:

A)  A Display Assistant?

b)  A Proactive Assistant?

Let me explain.  Some assistants hold the instruments in their hand and require the dentist to “grab” them.  This requires us, the dentists, to take our eyes off the task at hand and look for the next instrument.  This is what I call “display assisting“.  It really is quite inefficient and drives dentists nuts. 

Don’t be a display assistant, be proactive.  Passing instruments requires that the assistant actively pays attention and places the instrument, with some force, into the dentists hand while removing the old instrument.  After a little practice the dentist and assistant will be a perfectly smooth team.  The dentist won’t have to look up at all and the assistant understands all procedures and how the dentist works, anticipating all his/her needs.

Display assistants are no help to dentists. We may as well have a tray we can pick instruments up from!



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