Dental Assisting Tip #3 – Love What You Do!

A job is a job, not a charity.  If you are like me you work to live, not live to work!

Sometimes after being part of the same office for a long time the dentist just sees you as a part of the office, not an employee.  Meaning, you are so essential yet so easy to have around that they forget about you.  Well, not really you, but your needs, such as reviews and salary increases.  So, tip #3 goes like this:

Don’t loose sight of your personal needs!

Yes, you come first.  Actually, everybody should come first to themselves…it is nature.  So, don’t forget about yourself.  Talk to the dentist.  When is your next review?  What can you do to enjoy your job more?  What will it take for a salary increase?  ASK and you shall receive!

Try it and let me know what happens…I am curious!

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