Finding a Higher Paying Dental Assistant Job

You can do itThis is the blog post that helps you find a better paying dental assistant job than the one you currently have.  It is more simple than you think.  If you do not enjoy what you are doing, feel unappreciated, not part of the team, and not to forget, are not making enough money, what can you do?  Well, first you need to figure out a few things.  I can not discuss all scenarios, but here is a common one that I encounter:

You have been working for an office for quite some time.  Everything seems to work fine, but there really are no systems in the office that help you know what you need to be doing.  You have not had a review, ever, and it feels that if you don’t say or do something, nothing will ever change.  So, let me help you.  Yes, most of the time, if you do nothing, then nothing will change! 

Most dental practices lack the following:

  • Clear system telling you what happens when (such as raises, benefits, reviews)
  • A strong leader (no, not a monarchy or tyrany, a strong leader is something completely different)
  • Someone that makes sure that the systems are followed (most offices will have an OSHA person, someone that orders, someone that answers the phone – but who makes sure the office systems that are designed to protect the employee and further their growth are followed?)
  • Someone strong enough to say something

There you have it.  The basics.  Most dental offices just are too busy doing dentistry!  It is not that the dentist does not care, we do, but we just have too many other things to occupy our minds to be perfect.  Often it is just a matter of “asking” at the right time and taking the lead.

So you are frustrated and want to find a higher paying job.  Fine, but why not look at your current position first?  Chances are much better that you can find a higher paying job right where you work now!  Employees are valuable assets, loosing one is extremely expensive.  We, dentists, do not like to train new employees and usually listen quite well to our employees when they discuss their issues.  Here are a few point you need to consider prior to asking for a higher paying job in your current office:

  • Are you a valuable employee?  Or do you gossip (a lot), surf the Internet while working, not put the patients and the office first while at work? 
  • Do you dress to impress (even in scrubs), or do you wear pants that are too long, too tight or too loose?  Do you look “messy” or put together?  Do you pick up paper on the floor when you pass it?
  • Would you hire yourself for your position over someone else if YOU were the owner?

 At this point you should know into which category you fall.  If you need to make improvements in the areas listed above, do it now. 

Don’t expect to get a raise or get a better job somewhere else if you do the things above, they are deal breakers.

As a closing thought, take a look at the people you respect and those who are successful.  Why do people respect them?  Why do they have the job you want?  Why do those dental assistants get paid more?  You too can be that person!

Quick tip #2: It costs about 30 thousand dollars for a dentist to loose, find and train a new employee.  This crazy number combined with the frustration of looking for someone makes it very unlikely that a dentist will just let you go if you ask for a better salary.  This is of course understanding that you need to be a good employee worthy of a higher salary and better benefits!  Look at yourself closely, believe in yourself and make the changes I recommend.  The odds are in your favor.


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