Getting a Dental Assistant Job

So you want to get a new dental assistant job… maybe you just graduated from the dental assistant clinic, or you are working in an office that you just don’t like.  Regardless, the process is usually the same – scan the classified section of your local newspapers for a job listing or, if you are technologically inclinded, you may even check the internet.

This week a dentist friend of mine decided to hire a new assistant.  Adding an assistant is different than replacing one, so for this article we are going to discuss a little on both.  This is the typical approach dentists take to find a new assistant:

  • Place an advertisement in the local newspaper classified section.  This costs a lot of money for just a single ad.  My dentist friend placed a simple ad for one sunday and paid just over $800!  This is rediculous, but reality for us dentists.
  • Some dentists will then let their supply representatives know they are looking for a new dental assistant.  This is actually a good thing and can be very successful.  Cost is zero!

Now after the ad has run, usually a dentist will receive dozens of resumes!  This always is a complete surprise to me as I never thought there were that many dental assistants looking for jobs!  Most have to be currently working and looking for a better position.

My friend quickly went through the resumes and eliminated most (this is critical, you need to know how to get your resume into the keepers pile)!  Now the fun part begins – calling the assistants and scheduling face to face interviews.  When I hire an assistant, I usually know within the first 60 seconds if they have what it takes to work with me (actually, it may even be less then that).  And no, it is not entirely based on looks!  If you know what it takes to get the job in 60 seconds or less, then you are golden.

Now if you are lucky, you will get a call-back on your resume, and a call-back after your interview, and then you get to see what the “offer” is…

There is a better way.  This is what this site is all about.  Here is a quick tip to get you started: 

Quick tip #1You hold all the cards.  Once you know what most dentists are looking for in a dental assistant, then the interview is really there for you to see if you want to work for the dentist, rather than the other way around!  Getting a dental assistant job and the salary plus benefits you like is easier than you think.  How you approach the interview is one of the most important parts of the whole process!

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