Getting A Job, Or KEEPING Your Job In Todays Economy

Yes, I said it, KEEPING your job now is as important as getting a job. I spoke to a highly qualified dental assistant TODAY that was let go because she was “overpaid”. The office was downsizing… In this economy the rules are changing!

So for all the VETERAN dental assistants out there getting paid what they are worth, you now have something to worry about….the new, underpaid dental assistant just trying to find a job!

You can no longer work idle and expect everything to stay the same. If YOUR practice is not growing, or even shrinking, then you need to make it clear you are part of the solution. Show your dedication to growth, selling dentistry, and turning this trend around. It is a business afterall, and the old saying “from nothing comes nothing” now is grounds for dismissal.

Learn all about what you can do to make yourself an essential part of your office and keep your job.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

PS: Still the best value on the internet, The SUCCESSFUL DENTAL ASSISTING MANUAL gives you all the info needed to make a difference as a dental assistant and KEEP YOUR JOB!

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