Happy Dental Assistants

cosmetic dental meetingMaking more money as a dental assistant is nice, but we all know, money does not make happy…all the time.

I attended the AACD meeting in Texas last week and it was amazing.  Networking, building skills, and lots of social events.  Well, some dentists actually brought their team/assistants to this meeting!  That usually is a sign of a good office.  Would you like to work for a dentist that takes you to a resort for 5 days, pays you, pays your stay, food and entertainment and all he/she expects is that you learn by attending some of the most amazing lectures in your field?  I would hope you all said yes!

Happy dental assistants work for offices that appreciate them.  We as dentists want a first class team, and if this type of adventure helps create that, so be it.

Are you a happy dental assistant?

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