Happy New Year – Are You Going To Find The Job You Want This Year?

A new year, a new beginning. Do you hate your job? Don’t like your boss? Can’t stand your co-workers? Well, there is no better time than now to make a change.

Here is a checklist for your job hunt:

  1. Get a good, professional picture taken. Smile.
  2. Brush up your resume. Check this article so you know how to make a “good” one: RESUME
  3. Identify what you are looking for in your perfect office. Is it work hours? Salary? Nice staff? All of the above? Do not settle.
  4. Draw a radius on a map of how far you are willing to drive for this office.
  5. Now begin the hunt!

Finding an office in your radius is not easy. More on this shortly. But, to get you started, look at AACD accredited dentists, they hold themselves and their staff to a higher standard. This usually results in a better work environment, higher pay and higher job satisfaction!

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