How to keep your Job in this Recession

Times are tough, there is no question about it.  Everyone is feeling the pinch.  Dentistry is one of the least affected professions, yet still, overhead needs to be controlled and the business needs to be profitable.  So, you wonder, is my job secure?  Maybe…

The person who keeps their job is the one that the dentist/office can’t function without.  You need to make yourself “special”.  Do you sell the big cases?  Do you build relationships with all the patients and make them referr new ones?  Are you the happy smiley face that everyone loves to see everyday?

This is not the time to expect anything.  Be reasonable.  Ask what you can do to help the dentist get through this tough time.  Bend over backwards, don’t just go with the flow.  Every patient that comes to the office now is essential, treat them that way. 

If you had issues that need to be resolved, do it quickly.  In other words, has the dentist talked to you about things they wanted you to work on?  You better be on top of that.  Dress sharp, smile, build relationships with the patients and be a team player.  Those who sit around, play on the internet, don’t talk to patients, dress poorly and have a poor attitude will be asked to leave.  Dentists are people as well.  We do not want to let people go, but if we have to, then we always keep the core team that we love to see each day.

This too will pass, as someone in my youth used to always tell me…

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