Make More Money Assisting

So, when it really comes down to it, you work as a dental assistant to make money, right? So correct me if I am wrong, but more money then would be a good thing, right?

Well, I have spoken to many dental assistants over the past decade and have a pretty good idea how you could make more money to spend on the fun things in life. I have written a manual – Successful Dental Assisting, answered every question in this blog or via email about anything you could imagine, and I have encouraged you to pursue your dreams. But rally, how many of you have taken the steps I describe to make more money dental assisting? I would really like to hear who actually made the change…

Some of you have asked me what my assistants do to get a raise in my office.

Well, I want to give everyone here a big, simple, tip. We give raises to people we like. Period. If you are pushy, demanding, but the best dental assistant, then see ya later. Life is too short to be around negative people.

One of the most sincere things my dental assistant does for me is bring me a cup of coffee in the morning. Not because I ask for it, but because she knows I like that. And that is the key. She makes work fun and treats everyone with respect and a smile. She is probably one of the highest paid dental assistants in the country!

So, stop demanding things, but rather kill them with kindness. Be sincere. Enjoy the people you work with. Then read the manual and follow the steps to a higher paid job!

Keep smiling,


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