Dental Assistants: Do you want an Interview, Raise or your Dream Job?

The Manual is completed!

  • How to get an Interview in your dream practice

  • How to get a Raise

  • How to get a great job!

  • How to become the highest paid dental assistant


Successful Dental Assisting

Successful Dental Assisting


After over a year the manual is now available online!  Thank you all for beta-testing the outline allowing me to create a concise yet powerful manual that will allow you to become that successful dental assistant that you want to be. 


Don’t even think about paying thousands of dollars for a dental assisting degree from a school until you have read this manual!


DAILY I get dental assistant resumes and emails asking for a job. The reality is, most of these people had spent thousands of dollars to get a degree that is pretty much useless unless you know what I teach you in this manual.  Most resumes end up in the trash and emails deleted.  A select few make it into my “future” file.  Some I even call!  Find out which dentists keep and which are tossed.  This alone can save you the frustration of never getting a job because you have little to no experience!

Click the link below to order it!  Don’t be statistique.  Take your career and destiny into your OWN hands.


CLICK HERE to Download The Highest Paid Dental Assistant Manual

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