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Here is a recent resume posted on this site in the comment section. After everything I posted, how is this any different than all the other resumes sent out daily? Would you feel excited to meet this applicant? You need to make your resume stand out. This is a competitive environment and the traditional resume just does not make it to the top of the pile anymore.


Name deleted
Phone -xxx-xxx-6693
Email: name

Objective: Position at the Dental office with the opportunity to utilize training, expertise and experience to work as a Dental Assistant

Professional Experience:

Dental Assistant somewhere, VA Nov 2010 – Present
• Expose digital panoramic radiographs, FMS X-rays
• Electronic Periodontal charting, assisting in scaling
• Knowledge on Dentrix dental software

Dental Assistant internship somewhere, LLC, MD June 2010 – Nov 2010

• Prepare and arrange instruments, dental materials; cements, amalgam, composite, impression materials, etc
• Promptly follow all instructions from the Dentist dealing with patient comfort
• Expose, develop and process dental X-rays and maintain x-ray machinery
• Perform required laboratory procedures, i.e., take dental impressions, pour plaster modals, etc
• Maintain dental equipment and operatories in good, clean condition at all times and maintain the instruments and working areas in strict accordance with sterilization/disinfection protocols as per OSHA guidelines.
• Maintain personal protection per OSHA guidelines as it pertains to personnel safety, i.e., protective clothing, eyewear and gloves
• Excellent communication skills needed to follow verbal and written instructions, and great ability to understand technical and pharmaceutical terminology
• Deep sense of punctuality, accuracy, efficiency and professionalism


Diploma in Dental Assistant somewhere, Arlington, VA
2009 – 2010

General Courses somewhere, Takoma Park, MD
2008 – 2009

Microsoft Office somewhere, Silver Spring, MD

Diploma General Agriculture somewhere, somewhere, Ethiopia

Professional Affiliations:

C.P.R Certified

Work Experience:

Parking Attendant PENN Parking Attendant somewhere, MD January 2010 – Present Customer Service

References provided upon request

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