Want a dental assisting job? This could make you a MUST HAVE team member!

So, you are sending out resumes and interviewing but not getting any bites. You are getting frustrated as every dental office is either not hiring or “will get back to you“. What are you doing wrong?

If you read the successful dental assisting manual but still are not having any luck, there is something that might make you the next “must have employee”

Dental offices are looking for neat, professional dental assistants. We all want “a team player”, and we all want experience. What if you have no experience? HOW do you get your foot into the door? How do you get to work for the dentist and prove that you can do the job?

Well, here is a little secret. Most dentists are not very good with social networking, but you are!

Facebook, Twitter, and all the new social networking sites that are emerging daily are the next frontier. We, as dentists, know we need to be in them, market ourselves in them, but we do not know how. Until we met YOU. Yes, you are a dental assistant, but what if one of your passions and expertize is social networking? What if you can create and manage a facebook fan page? That would make you an incredible asset!

So, brush up on your social networking skills. Make this “passion” of yours stand out on your resume. Make sure you mention it in your interview, and explain to the dentist how you would love to manage the social networking aspect of the practice while being an assistant. Let’s see if this gets you the job!

All the best and good luck



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