What makes a Dental Assistant Stand Out?

I asked myself this recently when I was interviewing assistants for my own office. Needless to say in this economy I received many resumes. Some I dismissed immediately for various reasons, some were ok and others intrigued me.

I set up several working interviews after meeting with a few of the candidates. Many of the assistant were good clinically, some were in need of some serious practice, and a few had that special something

Everybody who wants a job in this economy needs to focus on that special something

So you are wondering, what is that special something…Well, it can be different for everybody, but a few guidelines will help you find your special something.

  1. Your resume must be clean, neat, spelling error free, and “different”. ATTACH a picture!  A good one, of course. Smiling.
  2. For the interview, present yourself professionally.  Do not wear scrubs!!!  I repeat, Do Not Wear Scrubs. Dress as if you were interviewing for a 5 star hotel. Formal.
  3. Smile and interact. Immediately point out something nice about the office, staff, etc. Find something. This will set the tone.
  4. Give a firm handshake and look the doctor directly in the eye!  Pick one eye, not the bridge of the nose, and stick with that eye.

That will get you started….there are many more important things you need to know, and eventually (maybe soon) I will post my guide! 

I hired a dental assistant that represented the image I am looking for, and her special something was……


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