Who is behind the “Highest Paid Dental Assistant”?

There are so many websites out there just copying and pasting articles, information and advice.  So I wanted my readers to know that there is a real live dentist behind this site! Yes, I am Dr. Christian Hahn and I have written everything you read about dental assistant salaries, jobs, and any other advice you get from this site. Everything is based on my experience working with some of the best dental assistants in the field. So, all the information is new and specifically geared towards your profession!

You can read more about me on my personal website in the blogroll on the right. Yes, I have a real job and practice dentistry daily! I have hired and interviewed countless assistants. But more importantly, I have taken the time to talk to many of my successful collegues about this subject and have put together a plan for dental assistants to succeed at their profession.

You may ask why would you do this? Well, it is simple. Good dental assistants are very hard to come by. And I am not talking just good at assisting. There is a huge market for dental assistants that want to be different, and I only hire those assistants that fit into that category. As it turns out, most of my dentist friends do the same, and they are mostly the highly successful kind that have offices you want to work in. So, how do you work with one of those dentists? Well, that is what this site is all about. 

So, look around, follow the blog, see what you can learn. I even try to answer questions! Soon I will post the manual I have been talking about which will put all this information and much more into a simple format.


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