The Dental Assistant, YOU, Are The Product

When applying for a job, YOU are the product.  You may be a dental assistant looking for a raise, or maybe an interview, but note that everything about you will be judged, usually within the first 20 seconds, regardless of what you are looking for.  Fair?  Nope, but reality.  Therefore it is critical that you make those 20 seconds count. 

Note that this can also happen over the phone, not just in person!  Every conversation is a job interview, or a raise review.  Make every moment count.  After a while you will not just walk the talk but you will be the talk.  It will be natural for you to act a certain way, and that is when you will become the highest paid dental assistant! 

Let me expand a little…This applies to all aspects of life.  We judge our doctors, our friends, everyone, usually in the first 20 seconds.  So here are a few important things to consider:

  • Did you dress for success?
  • Do you look well kept?  Meaning hair, nails, TEETH, smile, skin, etc.?
  • Does your body language radiate the correct signals?  Are you scared/closed up?  Are you smiling?
  • Are you quiet?  Do you take the initiative?  Are you submissive or engaging?

Think about what you want to come across as.  You have met people that you are just blown away by.  They seem “natural leaders”.  Take Obama for an example.  He looks sharp, is well groomed, definitely engaging, and radiates confidence.  That is easily noted within the first 20 seconds.  Now, not to be political, but it is an easy example.  Compare that to McCain.  Do you see a difference?

Decide where you stand and what you stand for.  A New Year is always a good time to drop a bad habit and start being the person you want others to see you as, and soon enough you will be that person.

QUESTION:  Who knows what the symbol above means?

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